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How to Make a Camera Obscura Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we start the building of the camera obscura.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Ok! Let's make it !

Measure pieces

Do some drawings to measure out the size of the box you need. Then measure out and cut your box pieces on foamboard or cardboard.


Glue pieces

Ok, lets start building it. here I have one side up and glued to the base.

add sides


Now I have added the other side and the back. These can all be glued together.


Add angled piece

Now I have added the angled piece that will hold the mirror.



Here I have measured and cut the front piece of the box. This is where the lens will go, right at the center of that X. Don't glue this piece in yet.


Hole for lens

Cut a hole in the center of that piece and mount your lens into it. Remember to note which way the lens is. There is a forward and backward!


Lens installed

There you go. It looks good. Still do not actually glue this piece into your box yet.


Install front

Looks good, make sure it fits nicely but don't glue it yet. We will need to slide that piece forward or backward a little bit to bring it into focus. After we have done that then we glue it in place.


Install mirror


Glue the mirror onto the angled piece of foamboard.


Cut out viewport


Now make your top of the box piece, measure and cut the observation hole in it. You can start with a small rectangle, test it and open that rectangle more if need be.


Install top

Now glue that top piece on.



Now make yourself a shroud like this to go around the viewing portal. This keeps the light away from the image. It will make it much easier for you to see the image.


Install viewport

It goes around the viewing portal like this. But do not glue it on yet.


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A zoetrope

Make a Zoetrope

A zoetrope is a fun little animation project. It has some similarities to the thaumatrope but instead of two images it has several. So there is more animation! You put a series of images inside a tube and spin the tube. Look through slots you made and the images become an animation. Fun and easy. And I give you the template with the animation ready to go. Make a Zoetrope


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