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Variations of the Spartan Helmet

I got an email from a web Visitor (Jozef) who made my spartan helmet but with some terrific variations. Instead of paper mache he used water and glue. And not only did he make the spartan helmet but he also made the Magneto Helmet.

THis is a great example of being creative. You too can use my tempate to come up with all kinds of different helmets!

My thanks to Jozef for sending in these pics.


The Helmets


If you want to make a helmet like this I have the template you can download and complete instructions right here: The Spartan Helmet. And you can easily modify it to make the Magneto Helmet.

My Projects use paper mache which is a mix of flour and water. But Jozef used water and glue which also works very nicely!

The helmets

He also added a flourish to the top of the Spartan Helmet:

The helmets

And you need a weapon too! Here is the axe and Greaves that Jozef made to go along with the helmets:

More stuff


I also have some other 300 Spartan equipment projects which currently include a helmet and a spear. I will also be making a shield and the chest plate. The projects are here: - Make a Spartan Spear - Make Spartan 300 Vambraces (ArmGuards) - Make a Spartan Chest Piece


Death Knight Helmet

DEATH KNIGHT HELMET - This template for a Spartan Helmet is a great base project for being creative and making other style helmets. Here is a great example of a WoW Death Knight Level 10 Helmet that was made by Don. He used this Spartan Helmet as a base. Check out some bigger pictures here: The Death Knight Helmet


Magneto Helmet

Make a Magneto Helmet

Fun and easy paper mache project. I have the packet you can download, print and make. How to make a Magneto Helmet



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