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Paper Jack in the Box Continued


In part one we made the box.. And in this part we make the paper spring and figure that goes inside the box.



Two strips of paper

OK, now cut two strips of paper. They don't have to be different colors. I have two different colors so you can see how it's done.

This can vary a lot. Start with two strips one inch wide and the length of a piece of paper. If you don't like the size of the spring try some different sizes like 3/4 inch wide and the length of a paper etc.


Glue like this

Place the two strips like this with one over the other. The orange one is right under the white one. Glue them together.


Repeat glue

Now in this picture you see the whole process that just repeats. Holding the white on in place fold the orange one over it.



Then fold the white one over that. Repeat this process of orange/white etc.



That's it. The spring is done. YOu can glue the top flap down so the whole spring stays together.


The accordian shape

There you go. You can glue the head onto this and then glue it into the box. In the case of this one it is a bit short so I made another one just like it and glue it to the top so now it's twice as long.


NextLet's continue on with the tutorial and make the heads for the top of the springs



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