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Make the Throne from Game of Thrones Part 3 (painting)


In this part of the tutorial we do the painting and finishing of the throne. Part 1 of this tutorial is here.

You do have options when it comes to painting. I used acrylics for the base and I used enamels to paint the swords.


Paint silver

The clay base gets gray and silver paint. Some of the swords are painted partially silver. Not a whole lot of silver on the swords though. We want this thing to be overwhelmingly black.


Paint gold

Now, and this is a good detail. Just a little bit of gold on some of the pommels and some of the guards of the swords. It adds just a little bit of authenticity to it all.


Pedestal grey

Now let's paint the pedestal. Paint the whole thing gray. Notice those lines in the pedestal. They are actually indents made with a ball point pen and they come in handy. If you haven't done them already go ahead and do them before you paint the pedestal.


Dab on black

Next you wash watery black into the cracks, it will flow into those cracks. Then you can dab on black to age the whole pedestal.


The finished throne


Hand of the King pin

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones Hand of The King 3" Pin

Worn by the King's closest advisor, this pin denotes the rank of Hand of the King, a privilege reserved for only a special few men (such as the ill-fated Eddard Stark).



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