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Make Scene Boxes for a Moving Theatre



This is a fun and easy tutorial that goes along with our rolling paper theatre of whimsy. These tatebanko's can be added to scenes in your theatre. In this tutorial we show how to make a tatebanko that's a little different from previous ones we've had. These boxes can really bring some life to your theater and the epic tales being told.

And I have lots more paper diorama projects right here including Lord of the Rings, Halloween and well . . more!

These paper scene boxes that we make are part of our Theatre of Whimsy project


Completed Dragon Tatebanko large


Walls of scene box

First, measure out your theatre and figure out how big your boxes should be. They have to be small enough to fit but large enough to be seen.


Scene box after being folded and glued together

Now, make yourself a little paper box from card stock with two sides open. You want the top to be open to let in light and the front so that you can see the tatebanko.

The dragon sketch

Next, color in your scene and all the individual pieces you will be using such as characters, objects, etc. There are no limits to your imagination!


The Princess


Cutting out cave rocks

Cut them out and glue them to your box. Remember to leave a little extra paper at the bottom of each object so that you can fold it back and glue them to the box upright. Below are two tatebanko's that we did, one depicting a dragon and the other a princess.


Complete princess tatebanko

Complete dragon tatebanko



My neighborhood

My Neighborhood Diorama (Pack of 12)

Die-cut stand-ups feature blacklined cutouts that pop off the page. Visual depth and details give these scenes an exciting real life feel. Just cut, fold, glue or tape together and color. Each includes glue, crayons and a resource guide that contains fun facts, activity suggestions and assembly instructions. 10"W x 3-1/2"D x 7"H.

Castle Playhouse

Medieval Castle Playhouse

Easy to assemble and store cardboard play structure complete with set of 4 washable markers


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