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About the Karambit

I just happened to stumble upon some stuff about the Karambit. I had never heard of it and was completely fascinated by it.

So, I figured it would be kind of neat to make one. It is a rather uniquely shaped knife and it poses some easy to solve problems.

I went ahead and done that. The tutorial is right here and it includes a video tutorial.

About the Karambit

There are two spellings for it. The most widely used is "Karambit" and the lesser used is "Kerambit".

A karambit is a curved fighting knife. It is an Indonesian weapon that originated out of Sumatra. And folklore says it is modeled after the claw of big cats. Odd thing about the weapon is that it is very plain and unornamented and is often looked down upon as a weapon of the peasants. It is sometimes considered to be a feminine weapon, as something to be hidden in a woman's hair. And, warriors would carry it as a last resort weapon, to be used after other weapons have been exhausted.

The Karambit also has a ring at the back that you place a finger through. This also forms a striking surface much like that of a brass knuckle.


There is a book on this knife:

Karambit: Exotic Weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago

Karambit: Exotic Weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago

What is a Karambit? Why is the Karambit one of the most awesome personal defense weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago? Extracted from the jungles of West Java, deep in the heart of Indonesia, the ancient technologies of the Karambit masters are revealed for the first time in this unique contribution to the world of martial arts edged weapons training. In this "how to" training reference, delve into the rich history and practical operation of this incredible artifact. Uncover the secrets of the Indonesian training method, combative strategies, and the way of the ancient masters in edged weapon defensive tactics such as disarms, takedowns, throws, immobilizations, escapes, locks and other self-defense skills in operating the Karambit. The history of this ancient and mysterious weapon is steeped in legend and its operation until now has been kept secret for centuries. Join Jagabaya Steve Tarani as he takes you step by step through the mystical history and training drills of this highly guarded close quarters personal defense system. This outstanding volume is a must for the serious student of edged weapons, martial arts training and self-defense application.

Karambit vol. 1

Karambit vol. 1 (DVD)

The Karambit is the unique curved blade from the Philippines and Indonesia!!
This First in the series shows the Forward, Reverse & Extended Grips, 12 Strikes, Passing & Scooping, Entries, Kill Points and 2 & 3 Count Pattern Drills.


Emerson Super Karambit (Black Finish)

Emerson Super Karambit (Black Finish)

Super Karambit Ancient Indonesian Utility Knife Used for Self Protection and Self Defense, introducing the Karambit. This Folding Karambit brings you the first in the next generation of folding knives Ancient Indonesian Utility Knife Used for Self Protection and Self Defense Introducing the ultimate 21st Century Folding Knife from Emerson Knives. This Folding Karambit brings you the first in the next generation of folding knives. With the advantage of the Emerson "wave shaped feature", this is one of the finest personal defense weapons ever developed. Others will follow, but you will own the first and the best from the worlds leader in "Real Deal" Hard Use Knives. Features: -Ergonomic Handle Design fits Forward and Reverse Grip perfectly -Can be carried for Reverse or Forward grip deployment -Total Ambidextrous opening -The Karambit features our Patented "wave shaped opening feature" or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket. Blade Length 3.4 in. Blade Thickness .125 in. Hardness 57-59 RC Finger Hole Diameter .94?



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