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Forge a Railroad Spike Hatchet/throwing axe : Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we begin the process of forging the throwing axe head.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Forge the cutting edge

The first thing we are going to do is forge out the cutting edge of the axe. Easy enough. Heat that end up in the forge and start flattening it out and shaping it.

And an important thing to thing about is working both sides of it relatively evenly. So, flip it over and hammer the other side at intervals. We are keeping it relatively thick at the shaft and thinning it/spreading it out toward the edge. Think of it as making a wedge shape. It is thick at the base and thins out toward the cutting edge. And by working both sides evenly we are keeping that cutting edge right along the center line of the hatchet.

Hot steel   Flatten the head

Next we will do that rectangular hole for the handle to go into. We can start out the hole with any kind of piercing tool. And an important thing to notice is that we don't simply pierce all the way through. We start the hole on one side then flip the hatchet head over and pierce from the other side so the holes meet.

Start the hole  Pierce the hole

Continue piercing the hot hole

Once we have that hole open enough to get our home made tool in we go ahead and use it. Pierce that rectangular hole! And as before flip the piece over and pierce from the other side too! Do this until it is about the desired size.

The hole looks good

There you go! It is just about right. It just need some straightening and cleaning up.

Remove the tool

During the process of piercing that hole you should test it regularly to see how close you are getting to the desired size. It looks great! Let's finish the forging.

NextLet's finish the metal working in the shop!


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