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Forge a Medieval Rondel - Part 2

In part one of this tutorial we forged the railroad spike into the shape of a rondel. In this part of the tutorial we finish it off with some shaping and making and putting on the handle.


We first clean it up then we shape it to the final shape we want. You have the option of a whole lot of different tools to achieve this. The tools I used are the Belt Sander, emory paper, mill files and a one inch belt sander. Clean it and shape it to a nice even and smooth point.



Now let's make the wood handle. This is a block of hardwood. 2x2 inches The mark there in the center is where I cut it so it will be a good handle length.








Cocobolo, 2" x 2" x 6", Exotic Hardwood Turning Blank


I cut the block to the length I wanted then I cut it in half length wise. Now I have two halves that will go on the rondel like this.







Mark the profile of the rondel onto both halves of the handle.









Then I carved both halves out with a dremel tool.











Take your time carving out the wooden handle halves. Get a nice snug fit.








It looks great. The two halves fit together well.






Now we are going to drill two holes through the whole assembly so we can pin it all together. Start by using a center punch to mark the locations.









Here are the two hole locations.










NextLet's continue with the tutorial


Make a subhilt knife

This is a complete tutorial where I take you through all the steps of making a subhilt knife. It has the extra guard on it which prevents it from being pulled out of your hand. Good looking knife! Make a subhilt knife




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