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Forge a Medieval Rondel - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the assembly of the rondel by gluing it all together.


Now do the final cleaning with emory paper. At this point you can also polish it if you want it very shiny and metallic. You do this by polishing it with a series of emory grits. Start at around 100 grit then move on to 200, 300, 400 and as deep into the grits as you want to get the polish you like.


Now we are going to replace the temporary wooden pins with permanent brass pins. So remove the wooden pins and measure/cut brass pins of the same diameter (1/8 inch). But make the brass pins just a little bit longer. We will easily trim them down later.


See how the brass pin is a bit longer than the wooden one.


Now let's glue the whole thing together. I am using a two part epoxy glue by Gorilla glue. This particular type sets in five minutes. You dispense a liberal amount into a container and mix it up well.


Gorilla Glue Gorilla Epoxy .85 Ounces 2 Pack


Apply glue

Now apply a liberal amount of glue to the insides of both handle halves.


Insert the brass pins

Apply the handle pieces to the rondel and tap the brass pins in.


Clamp it tight

And clamp it together firmly. Don't clamp on the pins. Just clamp the wooden parts. Let it set for the recommended time.

File the brass pins

Now file down the brass pins so they are nice and flush.

Sand the handle smooth

Now let's finish it off. Sandpaper the handle to a nice finish. Clean off the sawdust with a dry cloth.


Apply tung oil

And apply a coat or two of your favorite treatment for wood. I really like Tung oil. This is after one coat.







And that's It! Your Rondel is done. Be sure to send me a picture!!

The Rondel



Make a Railroad Spike Knife

This is a great little project if you are just beginning in blacksmithing. RR spikes are so easy to work with and you can whip up a nice little knife in no time. Practically can't do wrong with a project like this and it will help you to develop a feel for hammering hot metal. Make a railroad spike knife.



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