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How to Forge a Letter Opener - Part 3: Flatting and beveling the blade

Ok, this is a letter opener! And so far we haven't put the blade in. So, let's now hammer in the blade and bevel it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Taper it

We have a point and taper on the end and that means if we flatten it out it will shape nicely into a blade. So we lay it flat on the anvil and hammer it.


Shape the tip

It is looking good. Use the hammer to shape it out how you like. And I tapered mine. The blade is a bit thicker near the handle than it is at the tip.


Continue to shape the tip

Continue to shape it in whichever ways it needs to establish the form you want.

Once you have it the way you want we can add bevels to it.


Add a bevel

We add the bevel to the edges of the blade the same way we put a point on the bar. We put it on the edge of the anvil.

Do both edges on this side of the blade and flip it over and do both edges on the other side.

NextLet's continue and finish it by forming the handle into a curve



Whitlox forge

Mini Whitlox Wood-fired Forge - The Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge is designed to use raw wood or charcoal as a blacksmithing fuel. The trench shape allows the wood on top to bake, and funnel down to an intensely heated zone at the bottom of the V. The body of the Mini Forge is made from 11 gauge steel, and is extremely sturdy. Kaowool (mineral fiber batting) protects the forge body from heat and abrasion, while the fire bricks offer additional insulation and protection. Assembly required. NOTE: Blower NOT included.



Hand made sword

New Sword Making Tutorial - I take you through the whole process of making a sword. And this one is a good sized sword! Really beefy and feels good in the hands. How to Make a sword


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