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Forge a Great Helm part 2 (Shaping the steel)

In this part of the tutorial we crank up the forge and start the shaping of the helmet by making the creases down the front.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



the line

The helmet has a crease going right down the center line of it. This is right in front, goes from top to bottom right down the center of the face. We want to make this crease first. You can see here the line I drew right down the center.


set on edge of the anvil

We make this bend by heating the steel and placing that line right on the edge of the anvil like you see here. Then we hammer it down.


Bend it over

It looks great, that crease/bend is done.


the other crease

Then we move on to do the other crease. Notice how the center line on this one is in chalk. That holds up better in the forge.

compare the two creases

These two parts will be assembled together in a future step so they should match up closely. The two angles should be the same. So , compare them and forge any adjustments in the angles until they match together pretty nicely.


NextIt looks good. Now let's continue with the tutorial and shape the curves of the helmet.


The Complete Bladesmith

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