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Forge a Great Helm part 3

In this part of the tutorial we shape out the curves of the helmet.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Heat the steel

We are going to heat the helmet in stages and curve it at each stage. You can't heat the whole thing at one time, its just not possible. Steel doesn't transfer heat that well. This picture shows the second heat. It has been moved up to about a foot from the crease we had made. And you can see that one side of this helmet has already started in the curving.


Curve on the horn

We curve the steel by using the horn of the anvil.

CHeck for the shape

But, how do we know how much to curve these sides? We use the top of the helmet as a guide for doing this. Here I have the helmet top placed on the top of the anvil and I put the curving piece on it to check it matches. See the red part on the left there? It needs to curve in so I put it on the horn of the anvil and curve it more. Always checking it agains the helmet top.

Do one side of the piece then go on and curve the other piece.


The top is used as a template

Here is a look at that helmet top placed on the anvil. We curve the steel to match that curve around the circumference.


Continue curving

Ok, This piece is just about done. Then we move on to the other piece of the helmet and follow the same process for curving that.


the curve is done

There you go. I have the piece on the top of the helmet and it just about matches nicely. A little more work and it is done. Notice how the two ends over lap?This is so the helmet can be riveted together.


It looks good

That top of the helmet looks great. It is done. Do this same process for the bottom half of the helmet.

The helmet thus far

Ok, this is what we have so far. Nothing is assembled. The parts are just placed together so you can get a look at how it goes.


Next Ok, the forging is done. Let's continue with the making of this helmet




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