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How to Forge a Rebar Knife - Part 2

We have finished the forging of the knife and in this part of the tutorial we clean up the knife and do some shaping.

Part 1 of this tutorial is located here

Will has a youtube channel with over 600 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


When it comes to the shop work we follow a certain process that is common when working with any kind of tool. We start with the rough work, usually with power tools. Then we move on to the more detailed work, usually with hand tools.

Using a belt sander

Now we take the knife into the shop and we have two tasks - clean it and shape it. You can use power tools for this and you can use hand tools, or any combination of each. The picture shows me using a four inch belt sander. In the background you can also see the one inch belt sander and a grinder.

The knife is cleaned

The knife is cleaned and close to final shape.

File the bevel

Next we move on to files. To further refine the shape and the finish.

A Mill file

A quick note about filing your blade - You have to follow good form with your filing. First off always use a Mill file. This is the kind of file that has only one set of angled grooves. This is rather than something called a bastard file that has a crosshatch of grooves. The bastard file will leave a rough finish.

The picture here shows a closeup of a Mill File. There is no crosshatching.

And, when filing you only file in the forward direction. See how in the previous picture I am holding the handle with one hand and pressing down on the front part of the file with the other hand? This is the technique you want to use. Press down as you move forward, then lift the file right off the knife and return to start. File forward, lift and return, file forward, lift and return.

Polishing and finishing

Polishing the knife

Then we move on to a series of emory paper. Just for the polishing of the blade. You do this through a series of grits starting with coarse grit and moving through subsequently finer grits.

Typically you start around 100 grit and then movie on to 200, 400 and 600. This gives us a decent polish.

Now we need to finish off the blade, so it is back out to the forge to harden and temper the blade so it is useable as a knife.



A subhilt knifeMake a subhilt knife

This is a complete tutorial where I take you through all the steps of making a subhilt knife. It has the extra guard on it which prevents it from being pulled out of your hand. Good looking knife! Make a subhilt knife




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