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How to Forge a Spear Tip - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the forging of the spear by shaping the blade.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Heat the flat of the spear

Now we shape the blade. And you have a lot of freedom in doing this. You can make it any shape you want. It can be rounded like an elven leaf or more pointy like a dagger. We will start where the dashed line is and move toward the end with repeated heatings and hammerings.






Hammer the edges

We do this by hammering the edges This will force the spear blade to be thinner and longer.








Remove the slag

We are starting to bring it to a nice taper. Repeat the heatings and hammerings bringing it more narrow each time. Working your way out to the tip of the spear.







Start the curve

An important thing to think about here is your off hand. Your hand that holds the piece, not the hammer. You raise or lower your hand and it changes the angle of the spear against the anvil. This is how you easily form the angle of the spear as it comes to a point.




Continue the curve

Looking good. Almost done and it has nice shape.








Form the tip

Let's switch to a smaller hammer and finish it.


Looks good.

Lets finish off the spear by attaching it to the pole.






Wolf's Jaw Tongs

Wolf's Jaw Tongs (12") - Compact 300mm wolf-jaw tongs are great for a variety of small stock, up to 1/2" round or square. Picard has been producing blacksmith tools with German precision for over 150 years.



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