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Re-Making the Pommel of the Sword

This is part 6 of my series of tutorials on how to forge a sword. In this part we re-make the pommel of the sword. I had previously done this but we are going to make a better one.

I also have this tutorial as a video if you want to watch it on my youtube channel.

How to forge a sword part 6: The New Pommel



Here is a look at the new brass pommel. This is what we make in this tutorial. I really like this look because it matches the brass guard that we previously made.

The brass pommel of the sword handle


cutting a disk for the pommel

Let's take a look at the metal for the pommel. This picture shows a 2 inch diameter rod of steel. I cut off a 3/4 inch thick slice. This would become the pommel. But, somebody got me a rod of brass that is the same thing so I sliced off a 3/4 inch thick slice of that. We handle both types of metal the same exact way.

Brass and steel pommel blanks

This picture shows the two pommels, the brass one and the steel one. You can see that I used a belt sander to put a flat on these pommels. This way they would fit flat against the bottom of the handle.

The pommels

Next I clamped the pommel down into a vise and used a file to put a bevel all the way around the edge, on both top and bottom. The pommel looks much better this way.

Drilling the pommel

Next I marked it up according to the size of the tang, put it in a drill press and drilled it out.

Often times a pommel is drilled all the way through and the tang of the blade passes all the way though it. But I drilled only partially into it. This is called a blind hole. It took some work and I had to work the hole with a hand drill to get the tang to fit nicely.

Schematic for drilling


This image shows how I drilled it out.

The drilled slot

This picture shows the drilled out pommel. Now we are ready to assemble it.

The completed pommel

The only thing remaining is to drill a hole through the pommel and tang so it can be pinned with a brass pin. I will use a 1/8 inch brass rod for this.

So, that's it for now. More of the how to make a sword tutorial is coming.

NextOkay, the next part of this tutorial is almost ready: Hardening and Tempering the Sword




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