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How to Forge a Sword Part 9 Final Grinding and Polishing


Ok, this is it. In this part of the tutorial we finish the sword to 100% done.


Now it's time to do some manual work on this sword. It took me somewhere around five hours of work to do just the polishing of the blade.

You can see in the picture that I built a quick wooden setup so I could sit in a chair and comfortably work on the grinding/polishing of the sword. I went through several grits starting at 120 grit. Then I moved through successively finer grinds, 220, 300, 400, 500 and finally 600. This gives the sword a pretty good polished look. If you want your sword to be mirror like you could continue on with even finer grinds or you can use a polishing wheel. You just have to put the elbow grease into this. Keep with it. The more you work it the better it will look.

Final grinding the sword

You can see in the following photo that the polish is starting to really come out in the sword. And I just wanted to point out that I have the sword clamped down to the board, with a piece of foamboard to protect it from getting scratched by the clamp. Clamping down the sword helps a lot.

Polishing the blade of the sword



Polishing the guard and pommel

I did the same kind of polishing of the pommel and guard of the sword. The brass is much easier to polish.

carving the handle

Now we finish off the handle with a little bit of work. I used files to add some detail lines and ornaments to the handle then I treated it by rubbing Tung oil on it. The tung oil gives it a good look and feel while protecting and preserving the wood.

polishing the handle with Tung oil

Here is a look at the polished and ready handle.

pinning the pommel

That's it! Lets put it all together. I pinned it all with a 1/8" piece of brass rod that I cut to about the right length. Just hammer it carefully through everything . Once it is in place you file and sand it down so it is nice and flush. Because the pommel is also brass you could sand it so it disappears and you can't see it.

And that's it! Our Sword is done. This sword has a great heft and weight to it. Very solid!.



The completed sword




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