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How to Make Chainmail part 2

In this part of the tutorial we actually get a look at how to make the rings for the chain mail. I will show you the tools and the jig used.

Spools of links

In the first part of the tutorial we took a quick look at the springs that we make. From these springs we cut all the rings.

We have to spin these out but it is not a difficult process.

I did this process of making the springs by building a little jig with some scraps of wood. The rod is a 36 inch rod and it is 3/8 of an inch thick. Pretty much as simple as this. The two uprights both left and righ have holes drilled in them so the rod can rotate freely.

The winding machine

The drill

We spin the coils by using a variable speed drill. I use a battery powered drill and it works really well for this. You can see in this picture that I have spun out a coil of wire.

Drill a hole in the rod

About a foot from one end of the rod you should file a flat section then drill a hole in it. The hole will need to be large enough for the wire to fit in.

Cutting the rings with bolt cutters

Once you have the spring run out you can cut off the individual chain links. This can be a bit of a difficult task and tough on your hands. Let me give you some tips on the tools you can use.

In the picture I am using a pair of 8 inch bolt cutters. These are probably the best and they are what I use. You can't use bolt cutters that are larger because the end of the tool won't fit into the ring to allow a snip.

Tools for cutting the rings

Here are your two best options. The red handled tool is the bolt cutters I use. And the green handled tool is a pair of aviation tin snips. They work pretty good too.

Cutting links

Ok! Lets get to cutting rings.

A square of links

And be sure to cut lots of them because it takes a whole lot of links to make anything. This picture shows a piece of chainmail that is about 3 inches square. It is composed of 83 links. It took me one solid hour to make this.

NextOkay! Finally! Lets move on to the part of the tutorial you have been dying to get to! How to weave the chainmail


Chainmail Joe Bright Aluminum 1 Pound Chainmail Jump Rings, 18SWG 1/4"ID

You are looking at one pound of quality Bright Aluminum jump rings for making outstanding jewelery or mail armor. These rings are saw cut by an extremely precise jewelers saw (0.008" thick) to make perfect closings for your projects. They are made of Aluminum Alloy 5356, which has 5% Magnesium and makes for a much brighter finish than regular aluminum and doesn't oxidize(no blackness ruboff). They have been cleaned and polished and are ready to use!

Chainmail coif

Battle Ready Armor Chain Mail Coif

Battle ready 4-in-1 Interlocking steel rings are linked together for a strong, sword-proof armor coif. Each steel ring is 12mm in diameter and constructed of 8 AWG carbon-infused stainless steel alloy. Each ring has been forged by authentic metal smiths to produce this genuine Medieval Armor Coif. It covers the head (top and back), the neck, and the upper chest area. It protects the body from swords, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, while still providing full and equal coverage. Measures 18 3/4' overall. Face opening measures 9'. Fits adults.


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