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How to Make ChainMail part 4: Weaving pieces side by by side

In this part of the tutorial we finish up how to actually weave the chainmail. In the last segment we made long sections of chain that were individual 4-in-1 segments. But now we need to add some width to this. Unless all we want for mail is a belt!


Now lets' stitch these vertical segments together. Lay out two 4in1 chains side by side. Be sure to arrange them so they are exactly identical. Notice the center loops point up in the same direction.

We are going to be doing something almost exactly the same as we did in the previous stitching. These next two pictures show the process.

Through the rings

We will open a ring and then place it through these two rings just as the toothpick shows.

Out through these rings

Then we will come out these two rings just as the toothpick shows.

Pretty much as simple as that. Once you get the ring through you use some pliers to close the ring shut. And remember that I am left handed so I start on the left two rings as in the first picture. If you are right handed you will probably want to start on the rings on the right as in the second picture.

This picture shows the ring has been threaded through and is good. Now it just needs to be closed.

Completed Ring Stitch

This is what it looks like completed. Now we just need to continue on with the stitching and add more rings. Note that this ring we just put in is connected to four rings. Two of those rings (the bottom two) will then be used in the next ring addition.

There you go, the second link is in place. You can just continue this pattern. And now you know how to make chainmail! Keep making more. It takes a lot of time!

Want to make a chainmail coif? (Head piece) That tutorial is here.


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