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How to Make DragonScale ChainMail
Part 4

Ok, in this part of the tutorial we continue on with the making of the chainmail.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Now we are going to place two rows of large rings

Technique explanation. On the previous page we placed two rows of small rings. Now we connect to those. We connect a row to that first row we placed. Then we connect a row to that second row we placed. We always reach back and connect not to the row we just placed but to the row we had placed just before that.

Open a large ring, weave it across the two small rings on the left the close it up.

Move across and place the next large ring, weaving it into two small rings. One of those small rings is linked by the very last ring you had placed.

Ok, finish off that row of large rings by opening a large ring and capturing two small rings, One of which you had just captured with the previous large ring.

Next we do another row of large Rings. Open a large ring and weave it through two small rings like this. Notice how it sits on top of the small ring marked with the red arrow.

And do it again with another large ring. Connecting two small rings, one of which is connected to the previous large ring. And resting on top of the small ring shown with the red line.

Ok, lets finish off this sequence of large rings by completing the row. Add a large ring to the left and right. They each go into a small ring you had just linked. But because they are on the end you only weave them into one small ring each.

That's it! Now we can repeat the pattern of two small ring rows then two large ring rows. The following page takes you through those steps so you can repeat the pattern as much as you want while staying on the same webpage. Continue you chain making god/goddess!



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