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Make a Karambit Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we drill and shape out the handle.



Drill the handle holes

Clamp down one of the handle halves with the knife over it then drill through those holes right through the wooden handle. Do the same for the other half of the handle. And flip the blade over when drilling the other handle half.


Dowel pin it

Now go ahead and cut yourself some dowel pins and pin the whole thing together. This is a temporary thing.


The temporary pinning

It looks good but the handle is just rough slices of wood so next we are going to shape it out.


Rasp the shape

So, clamp it in a vise and shape the handle with a rasp. You can use other tools like sand paper but a rasp works the best. Shape the handle to its final form, or very close to it. Once you get it to that stage you can sand it all smooth.

Take it out of the vise often and check it for how it feels in your hand.


The handle is shaped

The handle is shaped and it looks great. Use a variety of tools and you can even use a belt sander for some parts of it. I used a belt sander on the end near the finger hole.

You can disassemble the handle parts now and set them aside. We are going to harden and temper that blade.

NextLet's Continue with the tutorial



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