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How to Make a subhilt knife part 4: Starting the wooden handle

In this part of the tutorial we start the wood work by making the first segment of the wooden handle. This is the one inch piece that goes between the guard and the sub guard.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


In this part of the tutorial we make these two pieces shown by the green lines.

The pieces of the knife


Cut the handle wood

I rough cut a couple of pieces out of hardwood. These pieces should be a little over one inch wide. The final size is one inch wide.

Drill the handle holes

Now we drill the first two holes that will secure those first two wooden handle pieces in place. Our pieces of wood are one inch wide. These two holes are in the center line but which is half an inch right. But, not half an inch from the blade! Remember that we have the guard piece going there. That guard is 3/16 thick. So measure from the blade 3/16 inch. Then you measure half an inch to where your holes go. You can see my scratched lines for this.

The offset for the guard

Here is a better look. The space between those two white lines is our three sixteenths. Then the handle block goes after that. The holes are 1/2 inch away from that longer line.

drill handle holes

Now clamp one of your wooden handle pieces in place. And drill through the knife handle right into that piece.

Clamp it snugly up against the guard when drilling it. You can't adjust that dimension once you drilled it.

pin the handle pieces

You flip the knife blade over. Remove the wooden handle piece you just drilled and drill out the other handle piece. Then you pin it all together with wooden 1/8 inch dowel. It ends up looking like this.

Good work. We are making progress on the handle.

Next Okay! Let's continue on and make that sub guard


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