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Make Sting from the Hobbit - Part 5: The Pommel of the sword

In this part of the tutorial we make the pommel of the sword out of aluminum.


Part one (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



Cutting the pommel

We use the same process on the pommel as we used on the guard. Cut out the template and apply it to the aluminum then rough cut it.

Filing the pommel

Then I shaped the pommel with a file.

Fine filing

Then I moved on to the fine filing and shaping with a small file.

You probably noticed this is the same process with everything. Start with the rough shaping, then move on to medium shaping and finally do the final shaping with finer and smaller tools.

The pommel will fit over the tang like this.

Drill the pommel

Now we need to fit that pommel over the tang of the sword so we do the same thing as we did with the guard. Drill a series of holes to form a slot.

Guard and Pommel

Ok! The guard and the pommel are done and look good. Next we have to make the handle that goes between them!

NextSo, let's make the handle



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