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Make Sting from the Hobbit - Part 7: Assembly and Inscribing the blade

In this part of the tutorial we assemble the sword together and we do the detail work.


Part one (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



The handle on the tang

Now we want the handle to be a really nice fit on the tang of the sword so we do something called "Burning in".

Heat the tang

So, we heat the tang either in the forge or with a torch.

Burn in the handle

Then we force the handle onto the hot tang. This burns the wood and makes a nice solid and strong fit between the handle and the tang.

heat it

Now we can put it together and button it all up. So, slide the guard on, slide the handle on then slide the pommel on. Heat up the very end of the tang.

Peen over the tang

Then hammer it over to lock everything tight.

The peened tang

This is what it looks like after being hammered over.

Next Ok, The sword is complete in terms of making it. Now lets' finish it off by doing the ornamental work on the handle and the blade.



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