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Railroad spikes for Blacksmithing

Railroad spikes are an excellent source of steel for blacksmithing. They are readily available and very easy to work with. They heat evenly and are very workable.

Typically they are made of medium carbon steel which means they are easy to work with but they don't make the highest grade of edged weapons. You can still make pretty good knives with them though.



25 Railroad Spikes -

  • 25 Large Variety Carbon Steel Railroad Spikes 6.5"
  • Sorted & Straight
  • Free Priority Shipping Upgrade
  • Great For Knives, Tent/Tarp Hold Downs, Crafts, Custom Coat/Towel Hangers, Art Projects, Railroad Collectors, Etc.



50 Railroad spikes on Amazon -

  • 50 NEW Large Variety Carbon Steel Railroad Spikes 6.5"
  • Carbon Steel
  • Free Priority Shipping Upgrade
  • Great For Knives, Tent/Tarp Hold Downs, Crafts, Custom Coat/Towel Hangers, Art Projects, Railroad Collectors, Etc.



I purchased six medium carbon railroad spikes on ebay. They are very reasonably priced. Here are the exact ones that I bought:

Railroad Spikes on ebay

There are plenty of options in terms of price, type and number of spikes you can buy on ebay. Check them out here:Various railroad Spikes on ebay


Projects I have done:

Forge a Railroad Spike Throwing hatchet

Fun and easy little project and I show you a technique that all blacksmiths use but very few talk about. How to forge a railroad spike hatchet/throwing axe.



Forge a Rondel from a Railroad Spike

A rondel is a medieval sticking weapon that was used in the middle ages. Interesting little project and easy to make from a railroad spike. How to forge a medieval Rondel.


Make a Railroad Spike Knife

This is a great little project if you are just beginning in blacksmithing. RR spikes are so easy to work with and you can whip up a nice little knife in no time. Practically can't do wrong with a project like this and it will help you to develop a feel for hammering hot metal. Make a railroad spike knife.


Available on Amazon:

Railroad Spike Knife - Item K-1

This knife is a great gift for Groomsmen or any gifting occasion. This is a handmade knife forged from a brand new railroad spike. We start with a new spike that we purchase legally from the manufacturer and using hammer and anvil transform it into a unique knife. Because our spikes are brand new you know that your knives will be legal and 100% consistent. No over rusted, pitted, or multiple sized spikes. It wire brushed, natural wax finish and is smooth to the touch. This opener is approximately 9" long and 2" wide.





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