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Bonsai FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Here are answers to some of the more common Bonsai questions.


  • What is Bonsai? It is the art of growing and caring for trees so that they stay very small yet still look natural.
  • Are bonsai trees a special kind of tree? - No, there is no such thing as a "bonsai" tree. Bonsai is the art of taking trees like maple, oak, cedar, etc. and caring for them in a certain way.
  • How old can bonsai get? - Well, technically as old as the full grown trees. There are examples of bonsai today that are 500 years old.
  • Are bonsai difficult to care for? Yes, they take experience and training particularly as they get older?
  • How do they get bonsai so small? - That is part of the art, keep them controlled in containers, control their nutrients and prune them in certain ways
  • Is bonsai expensive? No, it is relatively cheap.
  • Do you need patience for bonsai? Yes, you sure do! Think about waiting years to see any results at all.
  • Which trees are best for bonsai? - Great question and there are trees that are easier to train as a bonsai. Juniper is often considered the easiest.
  • Can I grow bonsai from seeds? Yes, you sure can.
  • How long before growing from seed starts to look like a bonsai? That will take between 5-7 years depending on the type of tree.





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