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Make a cardboard box castle

This is a terrific project. I show you how to make a great looking castle out of a single cardboard box.

There are two benefits to this project. First you have some fun making the castle. Then you have fun using it for play.

The kids really like this project. They will get hours of imaginitive play out of it.

I also have a youtube tutorial for this project right here.



The cardboard castle


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Overview of this project:

How the castle is made

This picture shows you how easy it is to turn a cardboard box into a castle. From here we use that cut away top part to make the various things that go inside the castle.








Tools and Materials:

  • 1 Medium to large cardboard box - Preferable at least 9 inch in each dimension including width, depth, and height.
  • Knife to cut cardboard with
  • Ruler and pencil or marker
  • Some kind of glue or a hot glue gun


If you have some medieval knight miniatures or toys you might want to reference them so you can make your castle a suitable size.

The box I am using is a cube that is 14 inches in every dimension.


This next picture gives you a good sense of the dimensions of the castle. Those crenellations are 1 inch in size and the four towers in the corners of the box are 3 inches in diameter. The overall height of my castle is 10 inches.


The top part of the box that you have cut away is perfect cardboard to use for making the various internal parts of the castle.

let's start by adding walkways around the inside edge of the castle walls. The arrows show you what I mean. There are walkways all the way around and there are square platforms at each tower corner.


And if you are going to be using miniature knights this is a good time to use them so you can get the height of the walkways just right for the knights to look over the walls of the castle.

Let's make the keep. The "Keep" is a standard part of many castles. It is a square or rectangular building in the middle or back of the castle. It is strongly fortified with stone and is the place that everyone retreats to as a last resort when the castle is under siege.


Let's continue


Clever Paper Knight's Castle

Clever Paper Knight's Castle with Figures

  • Skill Level: 2
  • All pieces have a 3D texture finish for an authentic appearance
  • Includes two squads with fifty-three figures with foam stands to bring your castle to life
  • Historically accurate to complete your Medieval city
  • Easy assembly: no glue or scissors required