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Assembling the Goblin Catapult


Here is a look at the Goblin Catapult. If you are interested in buying it then you can learn more about it here. If you have already bought it you can watch the video on how it is built. That video is at the bottom of this page.





These are all the parts included in the kit. There are 35 parts, and that includes the wooden dowel pins, rubber bands, two cotton swabs, and a screw. So, count out 35 parts! Ten of the parts are the wooden labeled parts A thru J.

The parts


To put this catapult together you will need a hammer and a Phillips head screwdriver.

It will take you about fifteen minutes to make it. After it is made you should set it aside for two hours to allow the glue to fully dry. This is for strength. If you use it before the glue it dry your catapult might tear itself apart!




Assembling itPutting it together is easy. And you use the hammer to tap the pins in and tap it all together.







And the big thing about this catapult is that you glue it together. Every pin hole get a generous amount of glue before the pin goes into it. This will make it very strong. You get the glue and the cotton swabs too.







Here is the assembly Video:


It is available on right here:

Catapult Kit - The Goblin (Will's Catapult kit) has it's very own goblin catapult for sale on You can check it out by rolling over the text or clicking to go to the amazon site.

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