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Make a Cardboard Catapult Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we continue building the catapult.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Add bottom piece

On the bottom of the catapult we glue on two pieces like this. That one I am gluing in the picture is that left over number 2 piece. And the larger piece there on the right is the number 3 piece. Notice the orientatation of the catapult.





Add crossbar

Now glue one of the number 2 glue stacks as a cross beam across the top of the catapult.









Swing arm

Now let's do the swing arm.

There are four pieces labeled number 4. Glue them together one right on top of the other.







The pivot

Now we are going to put a hole in it for the pivot. Make a hole about in this location on the rounded end to match whatever you are using. It could be a pencil you are using or a dowel or something else.








The hole

The hole is done. Looks good.










Notice ths part

Now notice this point here at the bottom of the cross beam you had glued on.









Now place the swing arm on the side of the catapult like this. Notice how it is right near the line you drew for the bottom of the cross bar. And notice how there is a little bit of room at the bottom of the swing arm. That bit of space allows it to rotate when you fire it. And notice how the swing arm is placed at about a 45 degree angle.



Push a pencil through the hole in the swing arm to mark the catapult. And do this on the other side.










Assemble it

Now you can install the swing arm. And notice how the notch in the swing arm is facing down. This will hold the rubber band in place.


NextLet's continue with the tutorial






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