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Make a Cardboard Catapult Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start making the catapult by gluing the various pieces together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The six side pieces

There are six copies of part 1. Glue them together in stacks of three . You end up with two stacks of three.








One of the stacks

Here you go. One of the stacks is glued together.









Glue the number 2

Now let's glue the parts labeled number 2. There are seven of these pieces. Glue them together in stacks of two. You end up with three stacks of two and one left over piece.








2 is glued

There you go. The parts numbered two are glued together and the one I am holding is the single left over one.








Let's assemble the catapult

Start the assembly

Take a glued together part 1 and hold it up like this. Then glue a #2 stack to each end of it like this.








Glue on a stack

Now glue a number one stack right into it so it looks like this.










Now flip the catapult on it's side. We are going to glue two pieces to the bottom of it.








The Multipult The MultiPult- This is a multiple shot automatic catapult. It fires five projectiles in rapid succession. Nice project and pretty easy to do. The MultiPult Rapid Fire Catapult






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