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How to Make a Da Vinci Catapult - continued

There are just a few more things to do and this catapult will be finished off .



Drill a hole in thehoop

Drill a small hole near the end of each hoop top and run a string through it. Knot the end of each string so it is locked in like the picture shows.







Drill two holes in the dowel

Drill two holes in the drive dowel and run each string through and tie them in knots.







Drill a hole for the release pinNow you can wind up the catapult and drilll the hole in the upright so the release pin can be put in.








Drill hole for the throw armNow, on the other side of the catapult you can drill the hole for the throw arm. With the catapult wound up tight and the wire pin on the other side in place you can now drill the hole in this drive shaft so the throw arm can be placed in it. Drill in in a location so the throw arm is cocked and ready to shoot.

Also, I drilled a hole and placed a wooden pin. This is the stop pin. It should be in a spot so it will stop the throw arm at about 45 degrees. This is the release point. The throw arm slams against this and the projectile continues on.




The throw arm

The throw arm is simply a quarter inch wooden dowel and the cup on the end is a piece of balsa wood that I carved into the shape of a little bucket.









The cup of the throw arm

The throw arm is just a piece of balsa wood that I carved. I drilled a hole in it so I could insert the throw arm and glue with wood glue.






That's It! Wind it up and fire it!!!

The completed davinci catapult





Leonardo's Notebook

Leonardo da Vinci?artist, inventor, and prototypical Renaissance man?is a perennial source of fascination because of his astonishing intellect and boundless curiosity about the natural and man-made world. During his life he created numerous works of art and kept voluminous notebooks that detailed his artistic and intellectual pursuits.



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