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That is a big Catapult - Part 2

Ok, our siege engineer has made some interesting improvements to this catapult.

He tells us what he did:

In order to add more rope I had to cut out a 4in section of the main beam and box it in to retain the strength and a cross beam was added to help from pulling in the side beams. With a 4in hole (3wouldve been better. I was able to use 300' of 3/8" rope. Do not be cheap on the rope. After I knew I needed more rope I tried to be cheap and got the climbers rope at home depot(100' for $10) it was pathetic. Rope was.not reusable and did not hold its elasticity. At 200ft of this junk I was able to turn each side 17x. The next morning I was able to crank on it some more and realized the mistake. I replaced it with the same as my first time +200'. I was only able to turn this 5x each side by myself and 2 more with help. We bent a 4' rock bar so I think its as tight as it will get. I also put a 2x4,on each side of the arm to increase surface area. The arm snapped in the middle because I didn't put the crossbeam further to the back so it would hit closer to the head. Also I only had a 30degree angle .


Here it is after the changes

The catapult after improvements


Reinforced and more rope

Wow, It takes a lot of force to shatter a 4x4!

The cracked swing arm

Now there is a lot more reinforcement!

The new wrapping


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Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare

We've come a long way from the Peashooter Era: with the advent of modern household products and office supplies-binder clips, clothespins, rubber bands, ballpoint pens, toothpicks, paper clips, plastic utensils, and (of course) matches and barbeque lighters-troublemakers of all stripes have the components needed to build an impressive, if somewhat miniaturized, arsenal.




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