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That's a big Catapult - Part 3

Ok! Our siege engineer (Jerry) continues to make improvements to this catapult. Here is what he has to say about this next step:

And last but not least with the arm shorter I lost leverage and didn't have the ass to load it so a small boat winch was installed ($20 well worth it) the shorter arm drastically increased arm speed but did little for distance. Also when the arm broke we lowered the cross beam to make it hit at 44degrees. I was sad to see I gained very little performance. Now I have begun having board failures. I have now gone through 2arms and 2cross beams I have braced with metal and backed with and additional 4x4. And I will redo the arm with angle iron as well to hopefully make it more durable. After I reassemble I will get photos of the new bracing and mods. Also for wheels I used a wooden spool from an electrical company. I thought it gave a good authentic look.  Shorten or word all of that however you like.


Stage 3 of the catapult


cracked and wrapped


Added wheels


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