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Chapter 8 Continued - Intervals and Chords

So far in this tutorial we have covered some of the basics and we moved into scales. Everything has been one note at a time. And now we are going to move into the playing of notes simultaneously.


An interval is the distance between two notes. Graphic below shows this. The first note in each bar is C. So the first bar shows us a "second" That is the interval between our C and the next note D. This interval setup goes up to an eighth which is a whole octave. And of course we can play these intervals either one after the other as in the top line or we can play them at the same time as in the bottom line.



Lets take a listen to these intervals: One after the other - At the same time

It is a very interesting thing when we move into playing the notes at the same time. You can hear how some of them have a beautiful resonance while some of them are very dissonant or don't sound so nice together. This pairing of notes in resonant and dissonant ways is how we make a whole variety of chords. And when we have two notes we can call it a chord or more technically it is a dyad. When we have three notes sounding at the same time then we have a triad. With the classical guitar we have the ability to play up to six notes at the same time because there are six strings.

And I have only covered the intervals up to an eighth (octave) but they do go higher than that. You can have ninths tenths and so on. This interval distance can go all the way up as far as the range on the guitar.


Ok, now let's cover three note chords and this gets pretty interesting because it is affected by the scale. You can have major chords, minor chords and more




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