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Lesson 8 Continued: Three Note Chords

In this part of the tutorial we take a look at three note chords. There are a whole lot of different varations and they are based on the various scales such as major and minor.


Let's take a look at the most basic triads (chords). These are the major and the minor and each is based on the appropriate scale. The Major triad is the first, third and fifth note of the scale. In the case of the C major chord that would be C, E and G.

To make the minor scale we flat the third (E) to E flat and we do that for the chord too. The C minor chord would be C, E flat and G. Try playing these on the guitar and notice the big difference between them. You can listen to these chords here


And one of the beautiful things about the classical guitar is that you can make a chord with your left hand and either strum them all at the same time or pluck the notes one at a time with your right hand. This plucking one at a time creates something called an arpeggio.


The arpeggio

We will add a little depth to these arpeggios by adding a note and making them four chord arpeggios. You can play the chord and the arpeggio. Here is a four note arpeggio in the key of C.


Ok, more tutorial coming soon



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