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How to Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the clock.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here.



Let's start


Make the box for the clock. You start by cutting a piece of foamboard to 12" x 20". Then you do some cuts like this. The solid lines are cuts all the way through. And the dashed lines are cuts just through the top layer of paper.

The template has a drawing and gives you the exact measurements for these cuts.





Stand it up and glue it like this. And once the glue dries cut a hole in the base like you see in the picture. That hole is for the weight and string of the clock.








Now glue parts 2 and 3 onto the box just as you see here. Part 2 is flush against the top and part 3 is three inches from the bottom.








Next Make the Drive Wheel



Cut parts 4 and 5 out of foam board and glue them together. One right on top of the other.








Next cut yourself two pieces of quarter inch dowel. One piece is 1.25 inches long and the other piece is 5 inches long.









And sharpen a length of dowel to a nice point. This will be a tool for you to pierce holes in the foam board.









Now use your sharpened dowel to pierce those two holes.










Now glue the two pins in and on opposite sides. The long pin goes in the center hole. And the short pin goes into the hole that is one inch off center.

When gluing them push each pin in so the end of it end up flush with the edge of the disk.






Next let's make the moon wheel. Cut it out of the template. Just rough cut around it. No need at this point to cut the actual teeth.









Now glue it to foamboard. Glue stick is great for this.








Now you can use a sharp knife to cut that wheel out. Carefully cut those teeth the best you can. But we can always trim it ater as needed.


NextOkay! Let's continue


Wooden Clocks: 31 Favorite Projects & Patterns (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book)

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Academy da Vinci Clock

The design of da Vinci's clock utilizes intricately connected weights and gears to accurately measure time. Power for the clock is harnessed from a horizontal rotary pendulum design. The clock's speed is controlled by adjusting the weight and balance of the pendulum.





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