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How to Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we make the moon wheel and install it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Next cut yourself a piece of quarter inch dowel six inches long. Thi s is part 9.

And cut part 1o out of foamboard. Here is a tip on how t do it. You lay the template on foamboard and trace the lines by pressing firmly with a pencil. This leaves an indent in the foamboard that you can see. Now you can draw the lines on the indents. Then cut out part 10. Use this technique for other parts in this project too.



Now Glue part 10 onto the moon wheel. Glue it right into the center.

You should use your piercing tool to first pierce part 10 in the center and the moon wheel in the center. Then use your tool to line the holes up when you glue them together.

And it is important that you glue it onto the correct side of the wheel. Notice the teeth. See how they are pointing toward the right? This is correct.






Next cut out the moon illustration, flip over the moon wheel and glue stick the illustration to it. Pierce the center hole with your tool.

Notice that looking at this side of the wheel the teeth are now pointed toward the left. This is correct.








Now let's mark some measurements on the clock. We are looking at the front of it.

Draw a line right down the center of it. And mark up from the bottom a point that is four inches. And mark down from the top a point that is one inch. Pierce both these with your piercing tool.

Now mark a line eight inches from the bottom. The guide pieces for the pendulum will go here. (parts 12 thru 18).









Now glue parts 12-18 onto the clock.









Now use your piercing tool to pierce those two holes. And like the second picture shows go all the way through the clock and right through the supports in the back. Keep the piercing tool nice and straight as you are doing this.





Now let's make the Oculus part. This is the part that you see the changing moon phases through.

Trace the parts onto foam board and cut them out.








And glue them onto the clock like this.








Then tape 23 on. Only tape it on. We will need to open it.








Now insert the drive wheel.










Next insert your dowel and moon wheel. Don't glue them together. The moon wheel should rotate freely on the dowel.







NextOkay! Let's continue


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