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How to Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock - Part 4

In this part of the tutorial we make the pendulum and install it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


The template pieces

In the template cut out pendulum pieces A, B, C and D.







tape the pieces together

Then tape them together to form the pendulum template.





Trace onto foamboard

Trace that pendulum template onto foam board and cut it out.

Dont' forget to trace and cut out that center section too.





The pendulum

Ok, It looks good.





Check the gap

Let's check the gap in the pendulum. Take your 1/4 inch wooden dowel tool and see if it will pass through the gap in the pendulum just like you see here. If it passes through without friction then ok. If it doesn't pass through then open up the gap a little bit with a sharp knife.






Now we need to get a measurement. Measure on the clock the distance between the two pins - the drive wheel center pin and the moon wheel pin. Measure from center to center of the pins.

Make note of that measurement.

Take a measurement

Now take that measurement and transfer it to the pendulum. Start at the center of the gap on the pendulum, measure the distance and put a mark. Then pierce a hole there with your piercing tool.

Mark the distance


Go over the lines

Now let's add the rest of the pendulum. Trace parts P1, P2 and P3 onto foamboard. Notice that P1 and P2 make up a single piece. They are adjoined at the dashed line. Cut them out.







GLue parts together

Glue part P3 onto the end of the pendulum. The end where the hole is.

About a half inch overlap is good.

This is the top end of the pendulum.




Glue another part on

And then glue the P1/P2 piece onto the other end of the pendulum. This is the bottom of the pendulum. About 1/2 inch overlap is good.




Add weights

Now flip that pendulum over and tape three AA batteries to it right here at the end piece. Or use something similar as a weight.







NextOkay! Let's finish making the clock



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