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Wizard's Pendulum Clock Part 6 Tips and suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions on getting your clock to run well.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Consider not painting the clock. Wet paint will curve some of the parts, particularly the pendulum.

You can use candle wax on the dowels. Burn a candle then take some of the melted wax and rub it on the dowel pins. This will act as a lubricant and make things spin easier with less friction.

The drive wheel needs to rotate very easily within the clock. Consider opening up those holes a bit so it rotates with very little friction.

Check the back of the drive wheel for globs of hot glue that could possibly get caught on the clock case.

The pendulum guide is very narrow If you can't get the pendulum to slide freely inside it you can always open it up a little bit.


You can cut squares of foamboard and pierce a hole in them with your pointed dowel. Then you can use these as spacers between various parts to keep them separated and keep them from rubbing against each other. For example between the pendulum and the moon wheel.

The moon wheel isn't glued to anything at all. It free floats on the dowel.

The top dowel doesn't need to rotate so you can glue it in place inside the clock box.

Having Trouble understanding how to put the string on and wind up the clock? I have a video you can download: Installing and winding the string 187 Meg