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The Creativity of it... Saruman's Staff

Saruman's staff was an easy project. It went together quickly. There isn't a whole lot to it. But there was one thing about it that required some creative thinking.

The tutorial on how to make Saruman's staff is here



Saruman's Staff


The Creativity of it

This project came together very quickly. I could envision all of it quite easily. The staff would be a wooden dowel. the fins would be foam board and the glass sphere would be ..... ? ?

Hmmm... what would the glass sphere be? That was the creative challenge in this project.

So.... I thought about it for a few minutes. Here is the process I came up with:

1. Sculpt a sphere out of a hardening clay

2. Cast that sphere in a rubber mold

3. Then use that mold to cast an acrylic sphere.

4. Voila - I have a wonderful glass-like sphere for the staff

You can see an example of this casting acrylic process in my tutorial here where I make the pommel of this sword


Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon

Fun little project. You only need one sheet of foamboard. And we make the jewel in the hilt by casting resin into an egg. Yup, no rubber mold is needed. Make the sword Zar'roc from Eragon



But... this gave me pause. How many of my web visitors would actually do this?

They would need an air hardening clay, rubber molding materials and castable acrylic.

I have done this process many times so it would be easy for me. But what about a web visitor who has never done this before? He or she would have to spend a hundred dollars for all this stuff. Yikes! Not a good option. I doubt if anybody would actually do it.

So, I wanted an easier way to make this globe. And looking at pictures of the staff I realized that it really isn't transparent. It is opaque with just a little bit of depth. Nice! This gave me more options.

And Insta-Morph popped right into my head. I had just used it to make the DragonGlass Dagger. It had some translucency to it and I could just use the plastic alone without any dye.


Sure enough. It was perfect for this project. In about fifteen minutes I made a very nice sphere for the staff.



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