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Will on Creativity

So, what exactly is creativity?

I give you some of my thoughts on the subject in this article.

And this article is an ongoing thing. I will add to it over time.



The Mystery of it all

A lot of modern day thinkers and writers try to take the mystery out of creativity. While there is some truth to what they are saying I think they are off the mark. There is a mystery to creativity. An intangible thing that we don't really understand, or may never. To create is a remarkable thing. And there is more to it than just processes.

Creativity 1 - The set of Stairs

The first process of creativity I want to talk about is kind of like a ladder or a set of stairs. This is a process of natural growth. A thing exists and we extend it further in a logical way.


Creativity 2 - Synthesis

The second process of creativity is where we systhesize together things that at first appear to be very different.





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