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The Hobbit Diorama (Bag End)

Here's part 2 of the Hobbit Diorama tutorial. In this part we add some wonderful details like tall grass, stone walk and flowers. We finish it off.





Paint detailsNext, use some paint in order to create the cobblestone steps of bilbo's house. Paint it nice and thick so that they look more like stones. If you want to paint the doors to color them in more now would be a good time to do it.





Add electrostatic grassNow, add some grass. Brush on some of your glue mixture and sprinkle some grass terrain. For this we use an electro-static flocker in order to make the grass stand up. You can find a tutorial on how to do this here.





Add flowersFor a little more detail and color now add some flowers the way you did the rest of the terrain. Apply, a few spots of glue and sprinkle some of these tiny colored beads.





Toothpick fenceTime to add a fence. Split some tooth picks in half and paint them brown. Stick them into your diorama and then place a couple of tooth picks running horizontally across.





As a side note if you do not have terrain to use you can always make some from pencil shavings. Simply add a little water and paint and mix every so often until it becomes a thick mass. You can find a more extensive tutorial on how to do this here.

The completed dioramaYou have completed the diorama! Now, on to your adventures exploring middle earth!






Here's where you can go back to part 1 of the Hobbit Diorama Tutorial


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