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Australian Outback Farm Diorama

Here is another excellent hand-made diorama by Frank.

Almost everything in this diorama is scratch built from various bits he had in a box! The hardest part was the water tower.

My thanks go to Frank for sharing it with us and he has lots of amazing dioramas here on my website:

You can check out his other dioramas here







More of Frank's Dioramas


English WaterMill Diorama

The English Water Mill Diorama

Here is another great diorama made by Frank. This one has a great layout and a great look. And it has water effects. But the big thing about this one is that Frank has figured out a very inexpensive way to make great looking water in a diorama. Check it out here: The English Water Mill Diorama.


The Before and After Automobile diorama

The Before and After Automobile diorama

Frank has come up with this amazing idea of splitting a diorama in half so we can see the scene from two different periods of time. You can see this same concept in his 70 year diorama. He has returned to this concept in this terrific diorama of an automobile sitting in a driveway. Check out how the auto and the driveway have changed over time. The before and after automobile diorama