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How to make a Bonkei Part 4, the various miniature figures (Hero and Tree)

In this part of the tutorial I give you an overview of the making of the tree and the hero. This part isn't in depth. I do however have quite a few excellent tutorials for this and I will give you links if you want to pursue them further. The links to those tutorials are down below.


When it comes to dioramas and miniatures I definitely have some favorite things. Among these favorites is the sculpting of miniature figures and the making of miniature trees. It was great to add these two types of things into this bonkei project.

The Miniature Tree

Starting the wire tree

The miniature tree is a bundle of aluminum wire. I made a whole bunch of layers bundled together then wrapped it with a smaller wire around the trunk to keep it together.

I cut the loops on each end so I could form the wires into branches and roots.


Shaping the tree

This picture shows how it has taken shape. You can tinker with it, bend the branches, refold and rewrap things. Even add more wire as needed.


The completed tree

Once I got the wire armature into the shape I wanted I then coated the tree with Apoxie Sculpt and let it dry. Then I painted it and added some construction paper leaves.

About Apoxie Sculpt (Available on amazon here)

Apoxie SculptIt is something called a two-part modeling epoxy putty. You mix two parts together. The parts are like clay. You mix them together then you have a couple of hours to work it until it hardens permanently. Good stuff, it is easy to work with and is relatively inexpensive. I use this for large modeling projects that don't need extreme details.


The Miniature Figure (Our Hero)

Our miniature hero

I used a product called ProCreate to make the hero and his sword and shield. Procreate is very similar to Apoxie sculpt. It too is a two part epoxy that you mix together then have two hours to work it until it hardens.

I used procreate because it is specially designed for miniature figures. It holds extremely fine details very well.

About ProCreate

Procreate Putty

This is my favorite modeling putty. I like the way it works and the way it responds to sculpting.

ProCreate Putty, 90 grams




The wire armature

I started making the hero by forming an armature with wire. This gives us a skeleton to apply the Procreate to.


Two parts of procreate putty

You mix together equal parts of the procreate to create your workable putty. You then have about two hours to work it. Over the two hours you will notice as it starts to change and harden.


Applying the putty

You apply it to the armature. Generally you work in stages, slowly fleshing out the shape of the miniature.


Sculpting the figure

Here I am using a sculpting tool to work on the Hero's neck.


Our hero is taking shape

Coming along very nicely. At this point I can let it cure. Then mix up more Procreate and so a second layer adding the various details like armor and clothes.


The armatures for sword and shield

Now I did the same thing with our Hero's sword and shield. I created armatures first.


The sculpted sword and shield

Then I sculpted them with Procreate. You can also use apoxie sculpt for these. It depends on how much detail you are wanting to achieve.


The parts are assembled

I then superglued them onto his back.

And that's it. Finish it off with some paint.

Our hero is complete



The Various tutorials I have on sculpting miniature figures and making miniature trees (More extensive and detailed tutorials).

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A miniature tree

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