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The Making Of "Desperate Allies" diorama

Here is some information about how Marshall made the Desperate Allies diorama. He has some terrific diorama making tips and tricks for us. A big lesson here is that you can improvise all kinds of amazing stuff for a diorama project.

You can check out more of Marshall's Dioramas here

More pictures and informaton about this particular diorama right here: Desperate Allies


16" X 16" in size.

1" thick base

Scenery-Woodland Scenics.

Celluclay for base.

Half track and Jadgtiger, don't remember, maybe Hasegaya.

Paint, use water based acrylic paint, very easy to use.

In my dioramas, when rope is needed I always use size 1 white twisted suture cotton thread. That was used in 3 Succubi and extensively on the Roman Ship.

The chariot after painted white then highlighted with iridescent pearl glitter paint.

A small electrical zip strap was used to create the ammo belt on the half track.

The King's cape is part of a T shirt. The cape's chain and horse's reins are dime store jewelry chains. The horses have feathers on their heads.


Chariot is a Warhammer piece


The catapult was made from chop sticks and a WalMart sampler spoon, yarn and #1 suture thread.


Trees- I go dig up baby fir trees and use clean them up and use the their root system for the tree body.


Spent casings- used the time honored way of making vehicle antennas...heat a "plastic piece tree" stretch it,paint it gold and cut with an Xecto.knife. (Make sure you do the cutting in a box of some sort, they fly off and will never be found in carpet).


Troops- 1/72 scale Hasegawa: U.S Infantry Combat Team, German Infantry Attack Team.


Used clear Plexiglas over painted lake base before I used Woodland Scenics water effects.


This shows a test run of the water effects. The base is painted the clay/soil color. A sheet of plexiglas is laid over that and then some Woodland scenics water effects is poured over that.


Games Workshop Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariots Regiment Box Set


Water Effects

Water Effects, 8 fl oz

  • A heavy-bodies, moldable product that will hold it's shape
  • Use to create pond ripples, waterfalls or rapidly moving water
  • Dries clear in about 24 hours
  • 8 fluid ounces




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