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Diorama FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Here are answers to the commonly asked questions about Dioramas.





  • What is a diorama? Well, bit of an open question there but generally it is considered to be a miniature scene. It could be a real scene like nature, or a made up scene.
  • Who created the diorama? Well, not exactly easy to say but typically the first dioramas in their modern definition were made by a man named Gottstein who created diorams of famous scenes in british history in the 1930's. I have more about this and the history of dioramas here
  • The Word Diorama: The actual word was coined by Daugerre in 1822. He was famous for creating the Daugerrotype process of photography.
  • How big is a diorama? - Well, it can be any size at all. Common dioramas are table top sized.




Japanese Castle Dioramas Here are pictures of two very elaborate dioramas of castles in Japan. I took these pictures while on a trip to Japan. Japanese Castle Dioramas




Diorama of a Dream A web visitor (John) had a dream and decided to build a diorama to show the dream. Pretty cool and this diorama definitely has a dream-like quality about it. Check it out here









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