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Make a Dungeon Diorama with foam - and 3d printed miniatures - Part 2

Okay, we have reviewed the parts and materials and what we are going to make. Let's build the diorama. On this page I show you how to make the dungeon floor which includes a useful technique called dry-brushing.



Measure out one inch lines

Let's start by making the base of the diorama. This is the floor of the dungeon. I laid out a grid of one inch squares. My diorama base is 8" x 11" which is the size of a standard sheet of paper. I made it this size just as an example diorama. You can make it any size you want.


Cut the lines

Then I cut into all those lines with an x-acto knife. Go about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep.


Open the grooves with a pencil

Next open up those cuts using a blunted pencil. Press firmly into the cracks as you slide the pencil along each cut. You want to create nice deep and wide grooves in the foam.


paint the grooves black

Now paint those grooves. Use a watery black paint and really get it into the grooves so none of the pink shows. ( I used Apple Barrel Black Acrylic paint)


Paint it all black

Then paint the whole base black.


Dry brush on grey paint

We finish off the dungeon floor by dry brushing on a grey paint. I use a technique called "dry-brushing". This is where you put paint on the brush then wipe most of it off on a rag. Then you lightly and quickly brush over the surface of the foam. THis give it a nice look and only applies paint to the squares. It doesn't get into the grooves you created.

I used Apple Barrel Pewter Grey

This video here shows you the dry-brushing technique. The video is set to start right where I do the dry brushing - Dry brushing the dungeon floor


The dungeon floor is done

And here the dry brushing is complete. It looks great. You can alter the tint of the dungeon floor depending on how much dry-brushing you do. More brushing will make it more grey.


NextOkay, Let's continue and make the walls of the diorama




Dow foam

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