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Make a Dungeon Diorama Part 3: Making the walls

In this part of the tutorial we start on the walls of the diorama by cutting them, creating the portals and applying the stucco-like texture to them.


Measure and cut the dungeon walls

I cut three walls for the diorama. They are six and a half inches in height. You can make the walls any height you desire.


Mark for the doors and windows

The I marked out the various portals which includes a small door, a double door and some windows.


Cut out the doors and windows

Then I cut out the portals with an x-acto knife.


Sand the portals smooth

Then I sanded those cuts smooth using sand paper and an emory board.

Now Let's Texture and Paint the Walls

Gloss super heavy gel

We use a material called a Super Heavy Gel. This is a product that artists use to thicken paints. The thing about it is that you can apply it like a spackle creating waves, ridges and textures. And it stays exactly that way when it dries. Yet dries clear. Here is the exact one I use: Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel

About the Gels - They come in a lot of variations depending on what you need. They come in medium, heavy and super heavy. Depending on how much texture you want. All three will be quite ok for dungeon walls. And they come in Matte and Gloss. It doesn't matter which you get because we will be painting right over them. Just make sure you get "Gel" and not liquid.


Apply the gel

Apply the gel to the dungeon walls using some kind of a tool. I am using a bone folder but a popsicle stick will work just as well. Spread it on as if you were putting frosting on a cake. Get the texture and patterns in any way you desire.


THe texture is applied to the walls

There you go. The gel is applied and they look good. Set them aside to dry.


Add details

While the liquitex was still wet I cut and applied various wall details including vertical columns and borders around the windows and doors.

Detail around door


The gel has dried clear

Okay, We can see that the liquitex has just about dried. It becomes clear. But the texture is still there. This is terrific. I love it. Now we can paint it. I will show you a nice technique for painting it.

NextContinue, let's paint the dungeon walls




Xacto knife

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Liquitex Matte Super Heavy Gel