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Make a Trick or Treat Bag With a diorama in it - Part 3 The Banquet Hall

In the first two parts of this series we made the Kitchen and the Attic. Now we finish off the diorama by making the banquet hall.


The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall


There are a few different things that we do here including the table, the wall paper, the curtains, the skull sconces and the miniature figures.

THe wallpapered walls

You see that the walls in the room are pin striped. Looks good, gives is a very old mansion look. We got this by first painting the base color on the walls (Gray) Then we cut strips of painters tape and put them on the wall.


The wall paper

Then you paint over the whole thing with our maroon color. Once it dries you can peel off the tape and we have our pinstriping.


The wall sconces

The wall sconce candle holders are quickly made by making a blob of hot glue then letting it coo some but not fully. Then you can shape it with a pencil and sharp knife. A little bit of paint and you have it!


The furniture

Now for some banquet furniture. The table is balsa wood. The chairs are folded cereal box cardboard with a little bit of wood underneath.

The curtains are felt and they have been bunched up a bit with a needle and thread.


Now for our Feast and our Feasters!

The feasters

I have a whole bunch of random miniatures. I have scores of them in a box. We had a lot of fun picking through that box and finding various figures for the banquet. We also cut a few apart to make the actual food on the table Yikes! Kind of creepy but it is halloween!


The feast

And we finish off the banquet hall with three details. First we apply cottonball cobwebs then we splatter paint around and finally we add a thin layer of dust to it all.

That's It! The diorama itself is done. We just need to make a box around it and then put it in our trick our treat bag.


NextLet's continue with the tutorial and finish this project off



Ship in a Bottle Make a Ship in a Bottle

We make a scene from the Odyssey. It is the Sirens and Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship. Fun project. I teach you the basics of making a ship in a bottle or how do you get that ship in there! Make a ship in a bottle


Will's Book on Diorama Making

Will's Book

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.