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Making texture for a diorama part 2

In this part of the tutorial I show you how to affix your terrain to a diorama or other surface.



Before applying the textures you should paint base colors on your diorama. Here there is dirt on the left and grass on the right. It looks good. This will accentuate the terrain and cover up any gaps.


apply glue

Mix a 50/50 batch of white glue and water. And brush that on one section of your diorama. Only do one texture color at a time if possible.

And sprinkle on your texture.


Shake off excess

Then shake off the excess.

Once the texture is in place and you like it you do have a way to affix it very strongly to the diorama.

You can put 50/50 water and glue in a spray bottle then lightly spray over the surface of the terrain. This will affix it very nicely.


make trees

You can also use this texture for tree making. Put a liberal amount of glue on the tree and apply the texture to it. You can also put the texture in a big bag and dip the gluey tree right in it!

And that's it. You have made diorama terrain. Lets take a quick look at our completed diorama and talk about some of the techniques and variations.

Notice how there is fine brown and there is rougher green. This variety in texture gives it a great look. And notice too how there is gray rubble. Don't foget about that! Texture is not just soil and grass. And then there are the red and the yellow flowers. They look great and add nice color to the diorama.

The completed terrain



Coarse Turf Shaker, Dark Green/50 cu. in.

This is terrain in a convenient shaker bottle. Made by Woodland Scenics, it is a standard for modelers and they have a whole lot of colors and textures.


Deciduous Tree Kit, Large (7)

Deciduous Tree Kit, Small (36)

Pine Forest Tree Kit, 2-4"

More Trees at Amazon.com



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