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Make easy Diorama Water, Including Waterfall - Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth - Part 2: Carving the landscape

In this part of the tutorial we carve the landscape, paint it and add the details.


Then I used a variety of tools to carve and sculpt all of the landscape. I used an x-acto knife, a styro cutter, hot wire foam cutter, sandpaper and an emory board. Use whatever tools are available to you. This foam is pretty easy to carve.


Carving the foam

carving the river


Let's Paint it

Now let's paint for the water. And here is a tip for you. Paint the deeper parts of the water a darker blue. It will give a nicer look to the water. (It gives the illusion of depth.)

Painting the river


Then add some white to the blue paint and paint the outer parts of the water. These are the parts near shore. Then you can use your brush and the paint to blend it all in.

Painting the river


And I finished off the water by adding some detail painting. I am using the end of the bristles on the brush to dab on dots for frothiness around the rocks in the water. I also did this on the babbling brook.

Adding paint details


Then I finished the painting of the whole diorama. Mostly it is various greens and various grays. Using various shades of the same color gives it a more realistic look.

And I finished the painting of it by doing a little bit of highlighting with white paint. Highlighting simulates high points on the terrain as being lighter because they get sunlight.

The painting is done


NextOkay! The diorama is built. Let's do the water effects!!!



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